Massage for Men and Women

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All of our massage treatments are customised specifically to your individual needs. Using a series of different techniques and pressures we have the treatment for you - whether you require a relaxing massage to unwind, or a stimulating massage to address reccuring massage pain or tension. A great idea for a gift to a friend, or for those of us who need a bit more 'me' time.

Back, neck and shoulders 40 mins        £40    
Full body 1 hour 10 mins £52

Indian Head Massage

Fabulous as a gift to yourself or a friend who suffers from migraines, computer shoulders, headaches and tension.

30 minutes - £40

G5 Cellulite Massage

The most trusted and effective anti cellulite treatment. This deep vibrational tissue massage breaks down stubborn cellulite/ fatty deposits and is particularly good for the hips, thighs and buttocks.

45 minutes - £40
(Recommended) course of 10 £360

 Lava Shells Warming Massage

This fantastic warming massage uses natural mineral heat and lava shells to promote relaxation and improve circulation and is great for soothing aches and pains. 

Back, neck & Shoulders 40mins - £50