Olaplex - Hair Strengthener

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Olaplex has taken the hairdressing industry by storm! Created by two chemists Olaplex rebuilds disulphide bonds in the hair shaft. Olaplex is THE ONLY product which does this. It has 8 worldwide patents so no other product does the same thing.

Ladder-like structures in the hair determine the strength and wave of the hair. When the “rungs” of these ladders are broken through chemical treatments such as colouring, perming and straightening, along with blow drying, tonging, use of irons and brushing, the hair is weakened and the wave is compromised. This leaves the hair dry, brittle and dull, often not holding colour well.

Olaplex is not a conditioner. It is a bond rebuilder.

Conditioners act on the outside of the hair using silicones, oils and proteins smoothing the cuticle making it soft. Olaplex contains no silicones, oils or proteins. It works on the inside of the hair repairing the “rungs” of the ladder. It is applied to dry or towel dried hair then shampooed and conditioned out. It is used in our salon as a stand-alone treatment, added into colours or as a cutting lotion. This additional service is priced at between £10 and £40.

Please ask for Olaplex when booking.