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Quality colours from highly trained stylists

We use Wella professional hair colours in our salon. Wella are a longstanding stalwart in the industry recently making moves towards more sustainable practices. Our stylists are often in London for courses to learn the best techniques to get you the look you want without compromising the condition of your hair.

Sustainable colouring –  Wella are making great strides with sustainability through their manufacturing practices, eco friendly products and packaging and by using recycled products and changing to more recyclable plastics. Wella also boasts non animal derived and vegan products and are looking to increase their Greener status in the world going forward. We recycle all our chemicals, product packaging and foils through the Green Salon Collective.

Olivia has cut and coloured my hair for years now and I’m always delighted with the end results. She’s professional and yet friendly. It’s always a joy to have an afternoon treatment at the Hair Gallery.


Consultations are bookable online and incur a £10 deposit which is fully refundable against any future colour service you have with us. Consultations are essential for new clients to our salon, for clients who would like a colour change and clients who have coloured their hair at home or elsewhere. During the consultation your colourist will go through with you what you would like to have done. We recommend you bring along at least three pictures showing what you like and do not like. They will then discuss with you what is possible depending on your hair. You will also be given a skin test and strand test before proceeding.

Full Blonde and Balayage packages

In the interest of being transparent with our pricing, we package our multi-service blonde and balayage range to include what will be needed to both protect the integrity of the hair and produce a professional and beautiful finish.  Our Full Blonde global bleach and bleach only foils include the Olaplex 2 step system treatment and a toner while our balayage price includes the Olaplex 2 step system treatment.

With our Balayage we recommend a revisit at 10 weeks for a balayage maintenance which will lift your blonde back up towards the root and refresh your face frame. This includes an Olaplex 2 step system treatment.

Every balayage will need a toner for a beautiful finish. Depending on the look you like we have a choice of gradient or single toner which will be included in your quote at your consultation.

All colouring services must be booked with a cut and blowdry or a blowdry.

Home hair dyes

Many clients come to us having dyed their hair at home for several years. We do our utmost to manage expectations of what can be achieved if the aim is to lighten the hair. In many cases getting to the desired colour may take two or three, sometimes more appointments. The condition of your hair is integral to great looking colour.

A consultation prior to your colour appointment is essential, along with a skin test and strand test.

£10 off colour services

We offer £10 off your colour service if booked with a technical assistant. These are our salon assistants who are qualified in applying colours. Your stylist will direct the assistant in colour choice. This service applies to tints and semi permanent services only. Please ask for a technical assistant when booking.

Book your colour

Because of the many different scenarios involved in hair colouring, we would prefer you to call the salon directly to book. This allows us to assess the length of appointment you would need. In some cases, we would require you to book in for a consultation, in order for us to give you the best results possible.

Please bring with you at least three pictures of the hair colour you are looking to achieve. It is easier if you save these pictures in your phone to find them easily or bring them printed on paper.

We will need a full history of any chemical treatments to your hair going back three years for shoulder length hair, four to five years for longer hair.

Root coverups – sprays and powders

Please come to colour appointments without root coverup on your hair. These products may contain ingredients which will react badly with our hair dyes.

Gift vouchers are available for this service.

All colouring services must be booked with a cut and blowdry or a blowdry.

Classic colouring

Service Catherine,

Olivia, Amy


Lauren, Emily



Foils — full head from £123 £111 £101
Foils — half head from £95 £85 £75
Foils — T section from £81 £75 £65
Foils — parting from £64 £59 £51
Permanent tint  - full head from £74 £69 £63
Tint - roots from £64 £59 £53
Demi permanent colour from £54 £48 £43
Semi permanent colour from £30 £30 £25

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Full Blonde and Balayage Packages

Service Catherine,

Olivia, Amy


Lauren, Emily

Full Blonde - Global Bleach  - roots up to 1" includes Olaplex & toner £124 £122 N/A
Full Blonde - Global Bleach  - full length includes Olaplex & toner from £150 £148 N/A
Full Blonde - Foils full head, includes Olaplex and toner from £180 £164 N/A
Balayage includes Olaplex, Toner, Blowdry from £254 £226 N/A
Balayage maintenance including Olaplex, toner and blowdry £197 £184 N/A
Gradient toner for balayage from £51 £51 N/A
Single toner for balayage from £33 £33 N/A
Colour change or correction per hour £110 £100 N/A

Colour correction prices vary due to the number of services and appointments needed. For hair longer than the bottom of the shoulder blade or very thick hair, prices will vary.

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How are your nails looking?

Why not book a file and polish to be done during your colour service for the special price of £12 (normally £14)? Please ask when booking.

I have been coming to Hair Gallery for over 10 years and it is the best salon I have visited. The standard of hairdressing is very high. The staff are friendly and welcoming. It’s an extremely comfortable environment. I strongly recommend.