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Cutting and styling

Having spoken to clients who come to us from other salons, we have found the main reason they left their previous salon is that their hairdresser didn’t listen to them.

At Hair Gallery, we pride ourselves on our consultations prior to cutting and styling your hair. We aim to ask all the right questions to get a good picture of the issues you are having with your current look. We’ll use our salon tablet to look at the options.

I have been extremely happy with the service I receive. The staff are always friendly and supportive. My stylist always gives me the time to discuss my needs and wishes for the appointment. Well done!

If you have something specific in mind, it would be a good idea to bring at least three pictures with you on the day. All our stylists find pictures a great way to make sure we are “on the same page” as our client.

Cut and finish

Available for very short or curly hair only. This appointment will usually be roughly 15 minutes shorter than a cut and blow-dry. Your stylist will recommend which type of appointment would suit you best.


Hair which is shoulder-length or shorter will usually take 30 minutes. Hair which is longer than shoulder-length will usually take 45 minutes. If you would like wand curls please book this as extra.

Service Catherine and Victoria Lorna and Nicky Olivia Hannah
Ladies’ cut & blow-dry — 60 minutes £65 £58 £48 £40
Ladies’ cut & finish — 45 minutes £53 £48 £38 £32
Men's cut & finish £35 £33 £28 n/a
Blow-dry short hair — 30 minutes £33 £30 £25 £22
Blow-dry long hair — 45 minutes £38 £34 £30 £26
Wand curls — 15 minutes £10 £10 £10 £10

£5 extra for restyle cut and blow-dry. The price difference reflects the experience and expertise of our stylists.

More information

Gift vouchers are available for this service.

Perfect your look

When booking your cut with us, treat yourself to an upgrade and include a 30 minute relaxing, nourishing conditioning treatment. Or perhaps your colour is looking a bit drab and needs a perk up with our fantastic 15 minute colour toning service?

Little people – aged 0 to 15

We are very happy to tend to your child’s tresses, however please note that in order to qualify for our special rates, children can only be booked 1 hour in advance. If you wish to book further ahead, we offer a 10% discount on adult prices Monday to Friday, charging full adult price on Saturdays.

For 0 to 10 year olds, hair will be dampened down with a water spray and rough dried. 11 to 15 year olds are welcome to be shampooed if they fit comfortably at our shampoo bowls. We reserve the right to refuse to cut a child’s hair if they are in distress.

Head lice

Children do get head lice. It is not dirty, rather the opposite, as lice prefer clean hair. If we detect your child has head lice be assured we will sensitively and quietly explain the situation. In order to contain the infestation, we will not be able to provide any service until the head lice have been dealt with.

Child’s age Price
0 — 5 years £13
6 — 10 years £20 for girls, £15 for boys
11 — 15 years £25 for girls, £18 for boys