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Balayage has burst onto the scenes in the last 10 years ramping up in popularity more recently. Just a quick google, as I did just now, produced almost 78 million results! The Balayage hashtag on instagram produces 2.5 million posts and if you look for people under balayage on intagram you would be scrolling forever to get to the the bottom.

What is it? Why do people ask for it ? Why do hairdressers either love it or run for the hills?

To put it simply Balayage, whilst starting out as a method of painting hair has become a ‘look’ that clients want to achieve. It is a soft blend of a natural root colour blending into a lighter colour which builds up lightness towards the ends. Some clients like darker pieces towards the ends giving ribbons of lightness while others prefer the look of an Ombre which is full of one colour throughout the mid-lengths and ends.

Balayage is a very popular trend for those who want a less high maintenance colour. High/lowlights and full tints which create strong colour at the roots equals a 4 – 6 week regrowth that needs attention, whereas colour with a melted natural root may need attention 6 months later. A balayage maintenance service is recommended 10 weeks after a full balayage where we would lift the grown down colour up toward the root again and refresh that face frame. Depending on the desired result a top up 15 minute colour refresh or toner – in the salon or at home- may also be advised between balayage visits.

Highly skilled service.

Painting bleach onto a section of hair without separating out the pieces to be coloured is a highly skilled job. It is all too easy to leave the hair with blotches where there should be soft blends of colour. It takes a lot practice and a soft touch to keep the bleach where you want it. Not all balayage are created equal however. If the clients hair is light to start with or the desired result is a sunkissed look then open freehand balayage works well. For darker heads of hair and a stronger colour the balayage will be covered with foil, paper wraps or cling film to intensify help the result. It’s worth noting here that wrapped balayage takes a little longer for the colourist to create than an open balayage.


In the interest of transparent pricing in our salon balayage is always a multi-service colour appointment. As all balayage is a bleaching service and focusing on hair condition as we do, we include the Olaplex 2 step system treatment in our balayage price. A great balayage isn’t complete without a gradient or single toner to achieve a professional and beautiful result, which will be priced into your quote when you come for your consultation. Always ask about the possible ‘extras’ if looking at other salon prices.

As one of our longer services clients should expect to be in the salon chair for at least 4 hours, more if their hair is very long or thick. This will be determined along with the maximum price during the consultation. If you are thinking of changing from highlights or full head colour to a balayage or maybe you don’t colour your hair and want to try this look drop us an email anytime or give us a call during opening hours where we can discuss your needs and organise a consultation with one of our highly skilled balayage team.