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Why your hair is brassy and what we at Hair Gallery can do about it.

Always an issue, brassy or yellow tones in the hair can be stubborn to remove. All hair colour, with the exception of white, whether natural or artificial, contains yellow pigment. This yellow is revealed when hair is lightened. To get the lightest blonde possible and keep the hair in good condition a very small amount of yellow pigment must remain in the hair. Hair which is lifted further than this will break with any further heat from the hairdryer or hot tools and brushing. Lightening hair colour is a very specialist job where the colourist must take into account many factors such as the current colour of the hair, the condition, the type of lightener that needs to be used, the method of lightening and have the conviction, courage and expertise to get the hair to that ‘sweet spot’ between too warm and breakage.

At Hair Gallery we are bleach and balayage experts. Your hairs integrity is our main priority. Unwanted yellow tones in the hair can be toned out using our bespoke toner formulations. Toners are always semi permanent , fading with every wash and therefore we recommend they be applied every month to keep your colour fresh.

Purple shampoos can be used. Our favourites are Olaplex and L’oreal. However, purple shampoos come with varying amounts or pigment, so choosing one from the supermarket can be hit and miss. The purple colour molecules will ‘cover’ the yellow colour molecules until they are washed out. Purple shampoos should only be used when needed and not every wash. Overuse not only can dry the hair out but can dull the hair colour making it look very flat and lifeless.

Colour masks are a great way of gently toning at home without drying the hair out. We use and sell Wella colour masks which leave the hair in amazing condition and smell divine. They have two great ashy tones and a further eight colourful tones to choose from.

If you are reading this and feel your hair is always too yellow, even after a visit to the salon, then make an appointment to speak with one of our team. We can assess your hair, take strand tests if necessary and discuss with you your dream hair. Then we will do our utmost to get you there. Your happiness is our priority.

We hope to see you in our salon soon!

Thanks for reading

Catherine x